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Florida Firefighter Tag

The tag is available to you for an additional $20 plus a $2 processing fee required by the State of Florida. You can even order a personalized tag with the Firefighter background with a maximum of 5 letters/numbers being allowed on the tag.   Your local county tax collector's office handles the purchase of all Firefighter specialty tags, and as of December 31, 2006, over 40,320 tags have been sold statewide.

The money raised from the sale of each plate will be collected by the Florida Firefighters Charities, and will be distributed back to local charities chosen by the Firefighters in the counties where the tags were sold. 



About the Florida Fire Fighters Charities

Florida Firefighters Charities was formed as the charitable arm of the Florida Professional Firefighters based in Tallahassee.  On the state level, the charity uses the proceeds to educate the public on how to be prepared for emergencies, fire prevention, and offers individual Firefighter support.  Raising money for charities unites the Firefighters in a community where they share team strength and brotherhood to give better meaning to lives and hope for the future.   A good example of how Florida Firefighters help out in their communities is the fact that the International Association of Fire Fighters, their parent organization, is the largest national sponsor of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and raised approximately $25 million of MDA's $60 million in 2006. Likewise, this past year, Florida, and its Firefighters, ranked #1 among all 50 states by raising over $2.1 million to further MDA research, public health programs, and summer camps.   This specialty license plate will create a dedicated funding source for the Florida Firefighters Charities.  The fund is a clearinghouse for charitable requests and community projects.  The fees generated from the license plate sales will be distributed back to local, eligible charities chosen by the Firefighters in the counties where it was sold.  This can be MDA, Habitat for Humanity, American Heart Association, local hospitals, to name a few.  

How Do I Get a Tag?
The first time you order a specialty plate, the approximate cost is $20 (plus an additional $2 to the state) over your regular renewal fee.  Please consult with your local tax collector's office to determine the exact purchase price.   The $20 portion of the specialty license plate fee may be a tax deductible donation to the Florida Firefighters Charities, a 501(c)(3) organization.  Please discuss with your tax advisor.

The Florida Salutes Firefighters specialty tag may be purchased by a Florida vehicle owner.  To purchase one, please visit your Tax Collector's Office or Tag Agency.

 You will need: 

  • Vehicle registration 
  • Vehicle insurance card 
  • Cash or check - not all offices accept credit cards

Thank you for supporting Firefighters and "showcasing" them on your vehicle. In addition, you are assisting local charities that Firefighters want to help.  



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